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a special alert ~ On Sunday, May 3, 2015, the Columbia Conservation & Agriculture Commission, 
with support from the Beckish Senior Center & Art Committee,
will open a Photo Exhibit. 
I am happy to be a part of this celebration of local agriculture.

* After a year on display in Columbia center,
the Columbia Farms Photography project came to a close on May 10th. 
Special Thanks to the Columbia Conservation and Agriculture Commission
who initiated the project and asked me to photograph the farms,
the outstanding staff at the Beckish Senior Center,
and the support of the many visitors,
local and statewide, who visited the center! 
~ A Special Presentation of Images featuring Some of the properties
highlighted by the town of Columbia's Conservation And Agriculture Commission,
Columbia,  Connecticut ~  

Verizzi Apple Farm     Black-Eyed Susans     Run Away Farm  
Szegda Farm LLC     Jim & Peggy Cobb Farm West     SABINE'S SUGARHOUSE  
Little Bit Farm  
You may View all the farms in sequence by Scrolling down THIS page.  
Thank you for your interest and support.  
"At The Door"  
"Ye Old Farm Stand"  
"The Cobb's Hospitality"  
"Ready To Saddle Up"  
"Loaded Up"  
"Approaching the COBBLESTONE Farm"  

~ Olde MURPHY FARM ~  
"Announcing The Farm"  
"The Silo Stand"  
"Inside Goodness"  
"Crafts Display"  
"Fresh EGGS"  
"A Natural Mix"  
"Ready For The Oven"  
"Pheasant Galore"  
"Gobblelers Struttin'"  
"Proud  (wearing guard)"  
"Racing At Rest"  
"Tending The Store"  

~ The SKYLINE - Robinson Farm ~  
"Starting Off The Afternoon On The Tractor"  
"Horse In The Coral"  
"Feeding Time"  
"SKYLINE Barn" & Home  
"SKYLINE Farm At Sunset"  
"Windswept Farm - Sunset"  

~ VERIZZI'S Apple Farm ~  
"Orchard Rows"  
"Tending To The Crop"  
"The Farm Stand Is OPEN"  
"Pumpkins Plus"  
"Natural Beauty"  

"Susan;s Storage"  
"Raspberrie Beauty"  
"Picking Beauty"  
"Picking In The Sun"  
"The Road Side Stand Is Open"  
"Black-Eyed Susans Stand 2"  
"Fresh Up Close"  
"A View Inside The Stand"  

"Welcoming" (01)  
"Adjusting Controls" (04)  
"Kristin In The Cab" (05)  
"With TLC And Respect" (06)  
"A Double Portrait" (07)  
"Steady Ride" (11)  
"Peaceful In The Sun" (13)  

~ The SZEGDA Farm ~  
"The Drive In"  
"Some Tools Of The Farm"  
"The Man On The Farm"  
"Off For A Pickup"  
"Bales And Bales"  
Late Summer Blooms  
"Late Summer Blooms 2"  
"Fall In The Hills Approaching"  
"A Farm Portrait"  
"Late Gathering in the fields 2"  
"Late Gathering in the fields 3"  
"Pasture And Barn"  
"Pasture And Barn" 2  
"Szegda Farm - Late In Winter"  

~ The J&P COBB FARM - West Street ~  
"A Bucket 'A' Feed"  - Much Enjoyed  
"Special Feeding Time"  
"Four Hungry,  One Curious"  
"The High Jump"  
"Lily The Helper"  
"Close Portrait"  

"Entering The Farm"  
"Connecting The Sap Bearers"  
"The Sap to Syrup Making Process Ends Here"  
"Jack at the Sugar Shack" - Portrait  
"The Sugar Shack"  
"Anchoring The Main Line"  
"Tapping Point On the Tree"  
"Tied In To the Main Line"  
"Feeder Lines Tied In To the Main Line"  
"The Cupala - 'Steam Relief'"  

~ The Little Bit Farm ~  
"Farm & Friendlies"  
"The Fun Pair"  
"The Portrait Trio - Luke, Lucy, Louise"  
"A Most Caring Caretaker"  
"'London' & Barnyard Buddies"  
"Just Some Friendly Barnyard Roughhousing"  
"'Georgia Peaches' on Tractor"  
"Stevie, Sofie, and Ivy"  
"Surveying From Barn"  
"Barn And Pup - 'London'"  
"Second In Charge - 'London'"  
"Keeping Watch"  
"Ivy's Garden - with Berries"  

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