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A Special Place for Aficionados Of Classic Audio Components & Vintage Electronics  
Altec,  B&G,  BOZAK,  Carver,  Crown,  Dynaco,  McIntosh,
Kenwood,  Pickering,  Sansui,  SHARP,  SME,  Stanton,  Thorens,  YAMAHA  

A Vintage Analog Audio Playback System
in it's original setup 1969  
Thorens two speed manual turntable,  model TD150AB (original TP13 tone arm & base) with,
Pickering eliptical stereo cartridge, - 1965,
Kenwood stereo receiver,  model TK140U - 1968,
Sharp headphones,  model 660PRO - 1968  
A Vinyl Analog Record Playback Device - this unit in service
Thorens manual two speed turntable,  model TD150AB - modified in 1982 with
PONDCREST STUDIO  tone arm board,  SME series 111s tonearm,
 fitted with STANTON  model 881s stereo cartridge with eliptcal stylus
A Vintage Audio Piece Meets The Digital Age  
bottom:  Sansui stereo receiver  model 210 - 1974,
middle:  Sony Blu-ray player ( this is the digital ) - 2011,
top:  PONDCREST STUDIO  wide range speaker - 2011,
oh yes,  a Cabernet Sauvignon - 2009  
The combination - Priceless !
Another look at the classic Thorens TD150 turntable - modified
Thorens TD150 with original base - modified:
 Dampening applied to 7 pound two piece Alloy platter,  precision rebalanced outer platter,
modified damped three point suspension,  power on indicator lamp,  top anti-static matt
A close up view of  SME Tone Arm rear assembly  
SME series 111s tone arm:
detachable titanium nitride over aluminum Arm Tube,
knife edge Bearings,  viscus damped movement,  Anti-Skating Counter Balance,
damped Cuing Control
A close up of  SME Head Shell with STANTON 881s cartridge  
SME series 111s tone arm Head Shell w/Stanton  model 881s cartridge.
A Vintage Control Amplifier  
Crown model IC150 CONTROL PREAMPLIFIER, 1974 - this component still in service.
Stage one design of a Wide Range Home speaker system - mid 1960's  
Shown is an early version (out of five) of  POND CREST MUSIC'S custom high output speaker systems.
Speakers:  all BOZAK - woofer:  B199A,  tweeters:  B200Y,  cabinet volume =  9cu. ft. sealed Infinite Baffle.
note: Stage two version used two (2) B199A woofers, one B209 midrange, and four (4) B200Y tweeters.
(this esentially was a modified model Bozak Symphony)
Speaker systems designed by  POND CREST MUSIC,  PONDCREST STUDIO - 1966  
Stage three and stage four designs of a Wide Range Mobile speaker system  
Shown are two early versions (out of five) of  POND CREST MUSIC'S custom high output speaker systems.
ON LEFT - Stage Three:  bass cabinet,  internally braced of sealed infinite baffle design,  with two SPEAKERLAB W1208R 12 inch woofers,
 one - Bozak 6 inch midrange speaker  in a sealed separate compartment.
on top:  midrange driver/horn, and a tweeter array above consisting of four PYLE T300 3 inch tweeters in 140 degree array.
System performance:  frequency band width  25 hz - 20 khz,  system impedence  4 ohms,
max acoustic output  108db using CARVER power amplifier.
ON RIGHT - Stage Four:   bass cabinet,  refitted with two Pyle HW1580 15 inch woofers,  system ported and tuned to f3 32 hz.
on top:  upper system identical to system on left.
System performance:  frequency band width  32 hz - 20 khz,  system impedence  4 ohms,
max. acoustic output  114db using CARVER power amplifier.
DIMENSIONS:  cabinet volume =  9cu. ft.,  51 in. high  (with horn & tweeter arrays)  x 25 in. wide x 21 in. deep;
System powered by CARVER model PM 1.5  2 channel power amplifier.

Speaker systems designed by  POND CREST MUSIC,  PONDCREST STUDIO - 1980,  1990
Stage five design,  latest version and in service,  of a Wide Range Home speaker system,
a two part bi-amped system 
Shown is the current version of  POND CREST MUSIC'S high output speaker systems configured as a SUBWOOFER.
Speakers:  two 12 in.  long-excursion woofers:  TITANIC MK11; cabinet volume =  9cu. ft. ported and tuned to f3 32hz.
System response: 20hz to 500hz
Speaker systems designed by  POND CREST MUSIC,  PONDCREST STUDIO - 1998
A Full Range 3 way Speaker System 
This speaker is confugured as the high end of a bi-amped system.
Speakers:  12in. PYLE HW1280 woofer;  5in. PYLE M516C midrange;  3in. PYLE KD3580 tweeter;
cabinet volume =  2.80 cu. ft.,  ported and tuned to f3  60hz.
System response:  40hz to 20khz
Speaker systems designed by  POND CREST MUSIC,  PONDCREST STUDIO - 1986
A CARVER Power Amplifier,  An Industry Standout  
CARVER  model PM 1.5  High Headroom/Output  Low Feedback Power AMPLIFIER,  1982.
A professional electronic component highly regarded by Touring Sound Companies,  Commercial Installers,
and knowlegeble  Clubs and Disk Jockeys  world wide.

The CARVER  model PM 1.5 2 channel power amplifier was the first high powered magnetic field
amplifier designed by CARVER for professional service.
This amplifier distinguished itself by providing large power reserves, with extremely low distorsion,
all while occupying minimal rack space  and super low weight.
Specifications:  rated 450 watts/channel RMS at 8ohms,
600 watts/channel RMS at 4ohms;
 ratings are for both channels driven
from 20 hz - 20 khz with  no more than  .1%  THD.
Mono Bridgeble power output:  1200 watts with 8 ohms load,
 1000 watts with 16 ohms load.
Weight:  21lbs.
The CARVER CD Player  
CARVER CD Player,  model DTL200,  1987.
A Classic Loudspeaker  in miniature  
A miniature model of the iconic  ALTEC LANSING A7-500,
in the utility version  ( model shown without the mid/high frequency sectoral horn and driver ).
 Known as the "Voice Of The Theater"  loudspeaker,  countless variations of this speaker are still in use.
 This miniature was inspired by a late 60's version of the A7-500 and was crafted by  PONDCREST STUDIO - 1980
A BANG & OLUFSEN semi-automatic Turntable  
This is the model BEOGRAM RX2, made in Denmark, with the sleek minimalist Danish design,  1985.
2 speeds with a rather heavy platter motor assembly, and very compliant suspension.
Fitted with a factory installed moving magnet (mm) Cartridge/Stylus assembly
A McIntosh all tube Stereo Control Amplifier    
This All Tube stereo control amplifier,  model C11,  1968,  preseded the model C22;
Operated with six  12AX7 vacume tubes, and beat it's advertized frequency response
from 20hz to 20khz with less than  .1% thm distortion,
frequently paired with a pair of McIntosh MC60 or MC75 mono power amplifiers.

A Classic DYNACO tube mono Control Amplifier    
This vacume tube single channel mono Control Amplifier, a kit build,  model PM1,  1957,
operated with two  12AX7 vacume tubes;  frequency response
from 20hz to 20khz with less than  .5% thm distortion.
This unit was frequently paired with an early DYNACO mono Mark111 power amplifier.
The a/c power came from a DYNACO power amplifier or a separate power supply.
A Classic And Very Versatile Power Amplifier by YAMAHA   
YAMAHA offered this two channel power house,  model M85,  in 1986;   this amp still in service.
Specifications: frequency response from 20hz to 20khz with less than  .01% distortion,
Rated 280 watts/channel 8 ohms,  330 watts/channel 4 ohms,
weight - 50lbs 10 oz.

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